Iman or Honesty

This post is a effort to discuss the importance of honesty in our daily life. To project a spot light on this subject we are trying to translate into English the great work of Punjabi Poet and singer Dr. Satinder Sartaj. It is not possible to translate into English with same beauty but we can definitely share the central idea.

People have forgotten ethics
They intend to grab whatever they can
They say we will chant the name of Lord later
allow us to deposit money into our account first.
(metaphor is they do not care from where this money is coming from)
1. Love affairs' has become business, notice where love is heading
   True love may die if we keep manipulating innocent people
   They assume they can buy love let the mad beloved graze buffalos for them
2. If their neighbor get something they start blaming and taunting God  
   by saying I am also your creature why you care more for my neighbors
   I need tiles to make my second floor of my building let me demolish their walls to get tiles
3. They have damaged the meaning of pure words like friendship and made them ineffective
   The ones who supported in bad time they want to balance them with money
   They believe forget about genuine person let us befriend with rich one
4. They are teaching their children from early age how to screw others
   and teaching that to become a successful person you must be politically correct
   They tell stories with proud how they earned by making others fool
5. They have forgotten the difference between saints and criminals
   They disregard the teachings of prophets and philosophers
   Who will pull them out of this hell
6. They also teach me Where you Satinder is heading
   Saints are crazy why are you following them
   They will be automatically on your side if you focus on accumulating money
7. Why Mr. Sartaaj are you shouting, it will make no difference
   You are singing louder and louder but your voice is not even reaching beyond few listeners
   You should be focus on singing softly and silently and let the drummers beat their drums
People have forgotten ethics
They intend to grab whatever they can
They say we will chant the name of Lord later
allow us to deposit money into our account first.

Dear friends, should be just listen to the song and leave it there?
Is he impractical or he has observed the world very closely?
or is this the message from the God to remind us about our ethics and duties?
How important honesty should be in our daily lives?
If a city is sinking can you save your big house? 
Can we consider ourselves free from our own sins by hanging innocents each time?

Let us discuss the subject because it is badly needed to be discussed at this point of time
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Author: Amrik Khabra

Amrik Khabra representative for Khabra Electric Ltd.

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