New age of Learning

We often claim we have very advance technology. We have have so many resources. Why can not be get help from those resources.
For example we have so many online resources but we can not find a job
on a jobsite designed for searching for jobs. We can not lake a transaction on CRA website and drive to a bank to pay eleven dollars. Spend thirty dollar time and gas to pay eleven dollars.

Please check Government site and their sub contractors site to apply for India Visa
You will need to compile all information on your note book from 20 different sub-links. One sub link asking for half of the documents to be attached and other links telling the rest of documents you need to accompany the application. A different link for Photograph specifications.
And a big sum of application fee on the one link and other link for how to post your application with their favorite parcel service for a double triple fee.
Can not things be simple. Learn the web design from Mark Zuckerberg even uneducated people can navigate through his simple website.
Why you claim you can pay online on our website if a transaction is not done after trying four days in a row??

Author: Amrik Khabra

Amrik Khabra representative for Khabra Electric Ltd.

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